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Guitar Pro 6 is the first upgrade to the classic Guitar Pro. With the acquisition of Arturia, the new X Serie is based on a powerful, portable, professional and portable synthesis hardware. What we bring with us are the features of Guitar Pro (editorial, dynamics, pitch bending, multitimbral editing, audio and video editing, interface, library and finally the new web editor which will be covered in the next section) to allow you to create an infinite number of sounds. It's fast and flexible, it is the ideal tool for the user who wants to get more directly creative than with a traditional guitar software. An Editor for Every Player - Whether you are a guitarist, drummer or songwriter, GuitarPro 6 gives you maximum control of your music, allowing you to perform, record and edit with maximum ease and simplicity. MULTI-TIMBRAL EDITING. You can manage your sounds and tracks in unlimited ways. Guitar Pro 6 now also integrates Sonar. Imagine being able to arrange a session in a live room, then record the result at a high quality. Users often say they can't stand the complexity of a desktop software. The interface is simple and intuitive. To improve the handling of guitar parts, a number of guitar chords have been added to the Chord Map panel. Since a lot of our users are guitarists, we have a section dedicated to guitars. Amp simulation has also been improved. Each part (track) contains many parameters, including the dynamic range, the position on the audio track, the first and last played sample, the gain, the list of the notes played on it and many others. Open G2, G3, G5, G6 and get to know how to edit them. What can't you do with GuitarPro 6? Guitar Pro 6 is a powerful and flexible tool for editing, recording and performance. GuitarPro 6 includes the best features of the classic version, and adds new effects and a web editor. Up to 10 part sound, every part is ready to use. The display can be rearranged and managed with the Tab bar. With GPP 6, the layout is extremely simple, no scrolling is necessary to view all of the interface. The sound engine is completely reworked, the interface has



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